We provide customized plans to meet your unique and individual needs.

Our offerings range from 6-Month Policies through to Company Style Payment Plans.

In addition to the range of premium financing services that are available, we also offer such features as continuous financing and endorsements. We do not have predetermined limits – we will quote on any policy. To fully appreciate the extent of all our services and plans, please contact one of our Business Development Managers.

IFS Financial Services Inc. is committed to serving the broker.

Once a contract has been formalized, we will issue a payment to the broker in the agreed-upon terms in the contract. We have not forgotten your clients either. We make it as easy as possible for them to remit their payments. Payments can be made through most Canadian Banks and Credit Unions, by establishing a pre-authorized payment plan, or through their internet or telephone payment services, or alternately by using their credit card(additional service fees will apply)

Inevitably though, there will come a time when a client can not make a payment. This situation can become extremely embarrassing if it is not handled correctly. When this occurs, we will inform you, in advance, of any action that we will be taking. This ensures that a good client does not become upset due to unknown circumstances.

IFS Premium Financing is committed to providing you with services that will enhance and strengthen your business. As a true value-added partner, we are continually looking for new ways to improve and augment the services that we offer.

IFS Financial Services Inc. offers a complete range of premium financing options.