Features and Benefits

W H A T  W E  O F F E R

Financing for both Personal and Commercial lines.

Competitive rates with flexible plans.

Continuous financing plans easing the renewal process.

Easy to use online portal with instant quoting contract generation (bound)

Unique ‘Cancellation Prevention Process’, we contact the insured to work out payment arrangements versus immediate cancellation as some of our competitors do.

Advance email notices to customers of their upcoming payment withdrawal.

B E N E F I T S  O F  P A R T N E R I N G  W I T H
I F S  P R E M I U M  F I N A N C I N G

With a combined total of 240 years of industry experience, an average of 17 years respectively,our employees are among the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals in the insurance premium finance industry.

We work closely with our broker partners to provide unparalleled guidance, support and service.

No minimum volume or exclusivity required.

We finance all premiums, large or small.

No chargebacks to the broker.

Endorsements easily added and spread over remaining payments.

Our entire Sales Team have extensive Insurance Industry knowledge, we get it!

Our Cancellation Prevention Process includes phoning and emailing customers regarding delinquent accounts so our broker partners don’t have to and each account is reviewed individually prior to any policy being cancelled.

IFS Financial Services Inc.

At IFS we have streamlined our financing processes to create simple and easy insurance premium financing solutions. Our easy to use financing, our knowledgeable team and technical advantages set us apart from the competition.

IFS Financial Services Inc. offers a complete range of premium financing options for your clients. We offer a wide range of payment plans to meet your client's needs, including Credit card payments!

To assist you in providing immediate pricing we offer many methods of quoting. Personal lines & Commercial quoting can be done online to generate an instant quote and contract from your computer.  To obtain a special request commercial quote, simply fill in the "Special Request" box within the Commercial quote tool and submit.  A quote will be provided to you within 1 hour during regular business hours of 8:30am - 7:00pm Atlantic Time.

Through the use of our secure online system you can view your client's account, obtain quotes, generate contracts and more.