Financing Help

At IFS, we want your premium financing experience to be as simple and easy as possible. Found below is further explanation of our financing process. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that further information and help is available once logged into the Broker Online Account Browser

IFS Financing Process Explained

Step 1
Brokers can obtain quotes through our online system, by using our user friendly software, or by calling our toll free number. If you choose to call us for a quote and receive it by fax or e-mail, it will remain available online for you to retrieve later.

Step 2
To generate a contract online press generate contract while viewing a quote or if using our software go to the contract page and fill in the required information. To hand write a contract use our pre-printed forms.

Step 3
With the IFS finance contract ready, you and your client both need to sign it. Double check that your client has signed all the appropriate areas and that you or someone else has witnessed it.

Step 4
In almost all cases the broker collects the down payment stated on the finance contract. Then the broker forwards the completed and signed contract to IFS by fax, courier or mail.

Step 5
Once IFS receives the contract it is checked for errors, approved and then loaded into our system. Once it has been loaded into our system notification is sent by courier or mail to the underwriter(s).

Step 6
On the release date set by the finance plan used, IFS releases the principal balance electronically or by cheque to the broker. In the rare case that the down payment was sent to us, we release the total premium.

Step 7
When the broker receives the principal balance they now pay the underwriter(s) in their usual fashion.

Step 8
The insured pays IFS monthly payments as agreed in the finance contract. If the insured cannot make a payment we will inform you of any action we will be taking and will work with you to have the situation corrected.

Don't forget that our knowledgeable CSRs are always happy to answer any questions you may have between 8:30AM - 7:00PM Atlantic Time by calling 1-800-565-1153.