Quoting Your Client

We make it as easy as possible for you to provide a quote to your client. You can contact IFS directly via telephone, fax or electronic mail, produce a quote with our free user-friendly software, or produce a quote online using IFS Quick-Quote.

IFS Rate Chart for Windows

Using the IFS Rate Chart program couldn't be easier! Simply enter the appropriate information and a quote is produced immediately. You can then provide a printed copy of the quote for your client or print a full contract ready to sign. Download IFS Rate Chart for Windows

IFS Quick-Quote

Using the IFS Quick-Quote you can produce quotes in seconds online with any computer connected to the internet. This is done without installing any software on your computer. You can then pass the quote to the Online Contract Generator to produce a full contract ready to sign. Login to the Broker Online Account Browser to start using IFS Quick-Quote today!

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Quotes by phone, fax, or e-mail

Our friendly customer service representatives are only a quick phone call, fax, or e-mail away. They are available to provide you with quotes for any client and to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to request a hard copy of your quote by fax or e-mail to take advantage of our online Requested IFS Quotes system.

Contact us today:
Phone: 1-800-565-1153
Fax: 1-800-453-5736
Email: info@ifs-finance.com

Requested IFS Quotes

Quotes provided by fax or e-mail are available to view online once logged into the Broker Online Account Browser. When viewing a requested quote online you can pass the quote information to the Online Contract Generator, fill in the remaining client infomation, and print a contract ready to sign. No more hand writing contracts!

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We encourage you to contact your local IFS representative at 1-800-565-1153 to discuss any specific or special quotes that you may have.