Our President Jai and his better half Tracy tackled Mt. Everest a few weeks ago,

Jai talks about their awesome experience below:

"Well the trip of a lifetime is an understatement.  From traveling to the other side of the world, three attempts to get on the mountain and finally helicopter rides onto and then off the mountain, and oh yeah the 9 days of climbing Mount Everest too.  

It was an adventure that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Tracy and I had base camp Mount Everest on our bucket list and for our 25th anniversary we made it happen.  Each day was a challenge and early starts with long treks to an elevation of 5365 meters and base camp was incredible.  So many thrills and so many times we would say “stop and look around”. The views where breathtaking and as you can see from the pictures a bit surreal.  It was important to stop and take it all in and not let the trek overwhelm you.  Well we did that for sure!

Special thank you to Scott Kirby (Broker partner) for a little inspiration 7 years ago when we discussed his adventure to make the attempt that ended in an earth quake and evacuation. Well Scott, Tracy and I got it done! 

If you want to see more of our adventure take a look at our YouTube video:"






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