Event News

Nov, 2016 - Kathy Walters is our new Director of Sales - Ontario.


Sep, 2016 - Lynne Gerhardt is our new Director of Sales - Atlantic.


May, 2016 - Fort McMurray

IFS stands behind our friends and brokers, we will continue to work with insureds to keep their policies in force. Contact IFS at 1.800.565.1153 to make us aware of your situation. We will waive late fees and be agreable to flexible payment arrangements. Our thoughts are with you.


Feb, 2016 - Jai Laba appointed President

IFS announces the appointment of Jai Laba as president.


October, 2014 - Atlantic Insurance Brokers Confrence

Watch for IFS at the convention in PEI, and get your IFS lobster.


February , 2013 - Canadian Penny

The Canadian Mint is no longer distributing pennies. ‘Cash’ transactions will have to be rounded to the nearest 5 cents. This only affects cash no other payment method is affected.

IFS will continue to collect the payment amount as disclosed on the finance contract through all existing payment methods except cash.

If an insured makes a cash payment directly to IFS, or their Insurance Broker, the amount paid will be recorded to the customer’s account.

This means if you, as an Insurance Broker, collect cash please round the payment to the nearest five cents and remit the amount collected to IFS.

All other forms of payment (cheque, money order, debit etc), please collect the payment amount as disclosed on the finance contract or payment voucher (‘coupon’ or ‘Notice of Intent to Cancel’ ).